Remake is not eh best option

Hey everyone ! I'm here to tell how i dont like "remake" for some reasons. First reason. Today, I played a game, my game crashed hard, after 4 minutes I reconnect, and what I see ? I have lost the game, -30 points because my game crashed, legit ! Second, dynamiqueQ matchmakng is long, it is not a secret, after a 7/8 minutes q doing nothing, a 2/3 minutes champion select you finally are in game with your favorite champ. You play the first minutes, dominate your lane, you will win this. But after 3 minutesn the game ends, no lp for nobody. I just lost 12 minutes for nothing, and i'm going on another 7 minutes queue and champion select. It is really frustrating ! Just to say, we played 5 season before with afks and other kinds of toxic players, nobody died and everybody got the rank they deserved. That is why in my opinion, /remake is not the best way to punish afks. And the biggest part of afk is at low elo, if you are as good to climp the ladder, you can carry easly a 4v5, maybe let /remake at diamond and+ and delete it at low elo, i dont know :) Sorry for my english which is not the best and understandable ! Thanks for reading :) !
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