This ranked system :o Stuck Forever ?

So i was stuck in Silver 3 from months, i wasn't really playing ranked at all but 1 week ago i decided to tryhard to go for minimum GOLD (wow!). So i played a lot op champ to climp faster, and it worked rly well i carried all games and won almost 20 games in a row ! So from 0 LP silver 3 i'm now Silver 1 50lp. But now i'm stuck at that elo, i mean people when i was gaining LP weren't that much bad, there were still some trolls and afk, but it was like people ''knew to play''. But now that i won so much games it is like i play with garbage players, so much toxic, feeding, etc ... *o* For real people when i was gaining some elo were so much better, feels to play with iron. So there's my question, is there something with lol ranked system? I heard things like this, like if your winrate is too high they give you garbage mates to make them win, but i'm not that much sure :o

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