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www.twitch.tv/guitarstreamlive Due to popular demand by friends who enjoy seeing me rage, I will be streaming this terrible game once again for a limited time. I rant over the rigged matchmaking in league of legends.
Has riot bugged ranked? Because I literally won 7/3 promos won 5 in a row then lost 6/7 in a row won 1 lost 1 won 1 lost 3 and I have only fed and I kid you not probably 5 of these games (out of about 40) Can you tell me why when you go on a winning streak, you get put with inters, flamers, afk's etc. I Had a 60/70 Win rate and now I am literally negative. 48% win maybe? I honestly think this is bugged and I also noticed losing streaks mid way through last season after I went on a winning streak. Its became even worse. And I recently found a video which pretty much sums up everything I have been thinking/saying. Can I get some info from the community if its also happening to you guys, Thanks P.S Please watch the video I have linked.

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