Story and Art contest - Xayah & Rakan! [Closed]

# [Click [here]( to see the Winner Announcement!] **Greetings everyone!** We know we're late to the party, but the Xayah & Rakan hype is not over yet. {{champion:498}} &{{champion:497}} are a great source of inspiration, and they're simply too awesome to ignore! Because of this, we want to explore the characters with you a little more, and ask you to show us the best of your creativity, either by** creating an artwork or writing a story!** Your entry should obviously focus on Xayah **and/or** Rakan. This means you **can** draw or write about one of them if you want, but of course you can also choose to cover both. _They are only complete together after all <3_ --- #Create a story or drawing of Xayah, Rakan or both! Examples: Tell a tale about their love, history, or about their war stories. You could draw them during battle, or in a peaceful and romantic moment! Share your creation in the comments of this thread until **May 14th 23:59 CEST**. _We don't want to limit you, we're open for crazy ideas, but if you're unsure whether your idea is okay, do not hesitate to ask :)_ --- #Rewards: As always, we will make sure to reward your work! We'll choose the best entries in both the art and writing category. Each winner will be rewarded **1350RP!** --- #Rules: - **Your entry must have been made for this contest!** - This contest is EUW/EUNE only, sorry :( - One entry per person - There should be no **severe toxicity** displayed in any of your latest games - You shouldn't have had any** chat restriction** within the last month - You shouldn't have had any **ingame ban** within the last 3 months - You shouldn't have had a **Boards ban** within the last month - Your content should adhere the Boards rules - Do not post mature content

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