It's just..enther phrase here

Basically, Normal -> It's just a normal, lol, people are learning their champions here Ranked Flex -> It's just a flex game, lol, flex it's just a lower verios of solo/duo ranked, if you want to tryhard go to solo/duo Solo/Duo -> LOL, IT'S JUST A GAME, CHILL "insert insult here" The neverending love story of excuses. What is funny is that in 95% of cases, people who use these excuses are the ones who have 0/4+ score, and the 5% are the one that tries to calm down flammers and make them focus. And then, the 0/5 person who's using this excuse will spam NO whenever there is a forfeit vote, just so he can teach us that "everything is possible", we can still win. I don't understand this tactic of feeding then forcing others to play this game because you have a feeling you can comeback. Why can't people just PLAY from the beginning till the end and don't wake up in minute 25, with 2/9 score, deciding they want to tryhard from nowon. What can you do, a normal player who, cover your eyes sensible guys -> TRIES TO WIN? You basically win your lane (or destroy the jungle if you are jungler), get a positive startup like 3/0 or idk 0/0/5 and then you see them feeding, ruining your mood, losing the game, minute 20 comes, the neverending failed forfeiting by the same people who ruined the game. What did you, a normal player who doesn't like his time to be wasted, do to deserve this? Is there any solution to these waves of excuses that hits every game? Or i am the only one frustrated about that? Edit: This is not a flamming post, looking for arguings or people to blame, i'm also not a mini-Faker, i also have bad games but i never milk them over weeks or months, i take a break, come back strong later that day or tomorrow and try to win everymatch, if it's not winnable at least i try to improve But when your jungler has 0/10 and rage quits, top 0/3 and mid 2/5, how can you press NO at forfeit? Saying the most idiotic phrase in my opinion "never ff", isn't forcing others to waste their time because of you reportable?

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