Hello everyone! So as you may know, the forums are now set to read-only and the threads of yonder are preserved like that scene in Jurassic Park. Generations will see these posts as being indicative of an earlier time, before “Boards” and “trinket wards”, but we will look back on them fondly as we move forward as with everything in League of Legends. I was a GDer before I joined Riot, and I reached out to you to find the BEST STUFF IN FORUM HISTORY - I submit them here for your perusal in award form: --- The *Leona Award for Most Commitment* goes to **Jens DV (EUW)** – spanning multiple language platforms with a simple goal of [hugging every Rioter](, Jens DV pestered, bribed and screenshotted his way into the history books. The *Graves’ Cigar Award for Greatest Artistic Achievement* is **[Dragonome’s “I’m bored. Tell me to draw stuff” (EUW)](** – creating an entire gallery based on player requests, Dragonome put the “art” in “heart and soul”, providing it could be realised in MS Paint. The *SaintVicious Award for Oldest Thread (not made by a Rioter)* belongs to **I Artharion I**’s amazing, insightful, revolutionary thread “**[Hey Guys](**”, way back before EUW and EUNE were two different servers. "**[Can we get another GD IRL thread going?](**" takes home the *Crowd Control Award for Most Trolls In One Place*. Reaching their unofficial goal of 200 pages shortly before the forum closure, the full cast of General Discussion posted their selfies (and mostly unrelated pictures) to be judged and poked at by other forum-goers. "**[How old ist your account?](**" became *The Thread That Just Wouldn't Die*, as everyone tried to discover how far their accounts stretched back in time. --- **EUW total threads: 1989868** **EUW total posts: 17995245** (average 9 posts per thread) **EUNE total threads: 791000** **EUNE total posts: 6678787** (average 8.4 posts per thread) The top posters from each regions line up as follows: ##3rd place: **Caridor (EUW)** - 16854 // **Dark Shadow (EUNE)** - 7722 ##2nd place: **randomnoob1337 (EUW)** - 22017 // **Melcalaniye (EUNE)** - 10786 #1st place: **sirDarts (EUW)** - 31769 // **HighLanderPony (EUNE)** - 11593 **Forum total uptime**: 1739 days (4 years, 9 months, 2 days) If there are any more statistics you'd like to try and dig out, let me know! Congratulations to our... "winners"!
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