Do a test and get a chance to win 50€

Sorry, this isn't League of Legends related but I am in dire need to find test participants for my online test and it is about games so it is kinda relevant. This is for my Master Thesis in Medialogy. **_Procedure_** There are three things you need to do **1)** Answer a pre-questionnaire **2)** Play a video game I have made **3)** Answer a post-questionnaire And that is it! It takes approximately 35-45 min (if not less) to do the test (depending on how fast you are) **_Chance to win 50€?_** You heard that right, in the pre-questionnaire will you be asked if you want to enter a **prize draw** to be one of **3 lucky winners there will each get 50€** (you have to finish the test before you are actually in the draw however) Money can be transferred through **Paypal** (easy method) or with a **bank transfer** (not done this before but we will figure it out if you win) In case you don’t have a Paypal or a bank account (for whatever reason), would it also be possible to pay you with **games over Steam** for a value of 50€ (or I figure out how to get a 50€ **gift card** that I can give over to you) The draw will happen the 3rd of June 2017 You also have the option to **not** enter the prize draw if you just want to do the test :) **_I want to participate! How do I do the test?_** I am glad you want to participate! Send an **E-mail** with the topic _“Test”_ (or something similar) to [] The content of the E-mail itself doesn’t matter, so just say _“hi”_ or something :) I will then asap (as I might be working/sleeping) send you a **test number** and the **files** needed to perform the test (you probably need Winzip to open the files) **_PLEASE_** consider doing the test! My future (and the potential to get my dream job) is on the line!
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