Bronze 5 looking to coach teams (Challenger)

Hello, I've been playing this game for a long time now (7 months) and I would like to retire after a 6 month long ranked, it was nice and I think I will be missed in solo q, but now I think my talents are required . My friend was in forge god championships and I told him he should try and not die early he didn't and he won the game. So I think I have some pretty good advice out there to give. I am a long time LCS watcher, I have started watching this year and have watched about 5 games, and I think I have a pretty good idea of how I can coach teams now. A team comp ive been wanting to try out for a while now if anyone decides to pick me up Top: {{champion:201}} I would have this champion, I don't know his some so let's call him shield guy, I would like him to go top lane and build full on tank, he is very strong and I believe he is soon to be one of the most contested picks Jgl: {{champion:40}} Next up we have Wind Girl, sorry again I don't know many champions names, she has a knock up and a sheild so she should be taking zero damage in jungle and enough CC for ganks Mid: {{champion:12}} Now Cow Man I hear is very strong and almost never dies, as a long time leauge of legends player my mid has always died, and with Cow Man in mid lane I am sure he will be a solid and unbeatable mid lane pick Adc: {{champion:33}} Now, Sonic here will be our adc, my adc on bronze 5 (One of the most competitive divisions in leauge of legends) always got camped, I hear this champ is fast so should avoid all ganks Support: {{champion:238}} Now Shadow Person here will be the poke for Sonic in bot lane I hope I have made a lot of people think, I am ready to take on any challenger team (Maybe even a diamond team) I would like to start of scriming easy bots first and slowly work the team up to be able to take on an advance bots some day.
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