Aram Mystery Rush

Hello Eu boards **Every month**, on a random sunday i will be doing a Aram Mystery Rush event. Every rush 1-2 times in **eune **and 1-2 times in **euw**. 30 minutes after this thread is made, i will edit the thread and open a Aram custom game where you can win a mystery gift. #Starts next sunday! 23.07.2017 (The starting date will be a random sunday from August!) On a random sunday you may expect this event from 1-3 PM GMT +2. **Rules**: * Just earn highest kills + assists and you win, dosen't matter which side you are. * Games are played in draft mode. * You can join and win multiple times. * I myself will randomly play in one side. * The custom room is open for 10 minutes before the match starts, faster you join, faster you can choose your side. * Rewards are delivered in 24 hours. * **Negative behaviour will remove you from the event forever!!!** #Player who wins a match 3 events in a row will earn a SPECIAL reward known only to the winner and R... #Carefuly choose your champions/runes that can get both kills and assists in close quarters combat! --- Rewards may change.. ^^ See you on 23.07.2017
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