Let's Play A Game !!

So guys answer these questions with you _**OWN**_ answers and the winner will be announced after on another thread :D Note : YOU CAN ANSWER WITH A JOKE OR FOR REAL 1-Why is Lee Sin blind ? 2-Why is the unseen blade the deadliest? (If his blade is seen?? {{champion:238}} Kappa mode) 3-Do you want a 'Teenage Annie' Skin?? ;D 4-Do you want an 'Unbandaged Amumu' skin ? 5-Who.....Is.... YORICK ???????? 6-How much damage does Darius deal? 7-How much damage does Teemo deal? 8-What item counters Lucian 100%? 9-Whose the best Yordle? 10-What letter does Shaco's face remind you of?? 11-How about Pantheon O.o?? 12-How many eyes does Jax have? 13-How 'bout Master Yi O.o??? 14-"Ah! The sweet smell of ______" 15-Last but not the least.... How many eyes does Gangplank have O.o O.O o.O ??
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