Banned for use of 3rd party programs/modified league folder

Hey riot, on march 11 2016 i got banned because you though i was using some kind of robot or script to give me an unfair advantage in league of legends i can ensure you i have never used any robot or modified league of legends folder... This ban is in the wrong the same thing happened to my other account Armicaste on that account i got charged with use of malicious 3rd party programs too.... Let me explain something to you riot please keep on reading.. Alot of players are in the wrong elo and they can not climb up because teammates "Feed" and ruin the whole game for them i have noticed that Riot Staff members accuse players in the wrong elo for scripting but in reality that player is just better than the enemy team because he can predict skillshots and knows when to expect them. My friend called Uvogiñ got banned and charged with use of scripting Myself i got banned on Armicaste AND PlayerHM for scripting/modified league of legends folder Riot please take me serious this is a MAJOR issue in league of legends at the moment.. Once again this ban is in the wrong and i do not deserve this... i am diamond 4 and i am stuck at gold 3 on PlayerHM i know when to predict skillshots/when the enemy will turn around and attempt to kill me.. and now i get charged with scripting?.. Thx for reading this far i would like to hear from you!
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