Hello everybody ! This is HeXie and I'm back at it again,this time with $ 25 dollar's worth of RP. Again,that is** $ 25 dollar's IN RP** ! "Great ! How do I enter the contest?" In order to participate you have to do the following: **_1)Check my newest video:_** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvnf4TCVR38 **_2) Comment back on this topic with:_** a)_Your summoner name._ b)_Your server_(this contest is available ONLY for EUNE and EUW player's) c)_Your own honest opinion on the video,and your thoughts on what do you think I should improve_(good or bad opinion the contest result won't be affected if you say nice things,just tell your opinion) _"Are there any rules to this contest?"_ Yes ! **To avoid some bad outcome I introduced the following rules: ** 1)You may **no**t win on more than two contests per Month(Don't even try I note down every name and always check back on past giveaways) 2)You may not win two contest in a row. _Ex.: Player named example1 won last giveaway,therefore he cannot participate in the current one,but he can in the future one._ 3)After the winner is announced,he has to get in touch with me in any way in 24 hours,if he does not,I will announce another winner excluding his name in the future two giveaways (don't waste our time it's almost free RP). "When will the contest end and how do you choose the winner?" The contest will end once the video has reached 150 views . The winner is chosen randomly using www.random.org Past giveaway shouts out to "Havoc the Insane" for winning ! : http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/eRjzs6Zh-10-dollar-giveaway **Note:** _You are not obligated to like nor subscribe unless you actually like the video/content !_ Hope I did not forget anything,best of luck everyone !
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