I just made it!!! Promoted at the finish line!

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
Hi guys, just want to tell you im pretty happy right now, and i know some of you arent and dont give a f about me. Stll i love you all :D I know gold isnt that special, but after almost not playing the whole season i managed to get back to gold **at 00:28 o'clock** with a grind of 10 hours today. Been to 90+LP 4 times the last days...till i made it today from 5 LP to 99 LP, and needed another game. This last game in my promos didnt even went good for me, well at least i could tank a lot and my now new buddy got pretty big on bot. Im even happier, because at the third game of my promos we lead pretty hard for my 3rd win, till a player (god knows why) got pissed and went afk spamming the chat....so we lost. And then i promote in the very last chance with barely no time left. And now im out and wont annoy you anymore. See you in season 8! <3

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