Hey guys, I am typing this for 2 reasons: I want to reach riot to tell them how i see the problem(s), and I want to reach the "community" to hear other thoughts, opinions and suggestions. @ RIOT: Dear Riot, I know all ur interested in is earning the most money in the shortest time, while you don't give any shit about the community. I am playing since the end of season 1 and I just have to be honest: I completely lost faith in you guys. What you're doing is just so dissapointing.... But enough of the honesty: If the task of developing a propperly working reporting system with wheigh harder punishment than the actually (fail-)system is too hard for you, we can do it step by step: Somehing easy for the beginning: Just punish harder. 1. racism: 1 report caused by racism in chat should be punished with a ban for the whole year. simple as that. don't toleate such shit in any way. 2. intentionally feeding: ban those guys in the same way FROM RANKED and set like 3 months of ban for all other modes. noone wants his game to be runied by little children, doing all but what is propper play. 3. offensive language: yeah sure everyone got a bad day sometimes, but we talk about a COMMUNITY. The sense of a community isnt to offend others relentlessly everytime you're pissed, so i pray for the ppl to just stfu if they got nothing better to state than offending bullshit. If u got problems with ur agressions u should start with any kind of martial arts. It works wonders. Ban them for like 3 days and give them some time to think about their behaviour, continue with banning them longer and longer if they don't change and keep on flaming afterwards. that process can be repeated limitless. 4. Ur workers have to be the judges. Its ur duty to check the reports seriously and punish afterwards. These are 3 simple things that, for sure, will cost you the money these ppl spend, but on the other hand it will make League wheigh more attractive ini general. noone is likely to join a community for long if the majority of the games he or she is playing is ruined by such disgusting behaviour. The thing is this: YOU are the ones setting the rules, and YOU have to punish breaking them. What ur actually doing right now, is telling everyone: flaming, intentionally feeding and all the other things are ok. noone i met has ever reacted other than telling me he/she wouldnt give any fuck about getting reported cause it simply has no effect at all after I stated I was going to report them for their behaviour. The actual system is bullshit and its YOUR JOB to change that (cmon guys ur not that poor that u can't afford some changes. if u lack ideas just read the damn surveys) @ the community (excluding all feeders, trolls, flamers, racists and excuse me if i missed some): Questions: 1. How do you think bout the reporting system in general? 2. How do you think about the punishments? 3. How do you thikn bout the diversity of reasons to report? 4. Do you think riot cares bout the communitys thoughts and wishes? 5. Do you have suggestions for a better system? 6. What is your opinion about RIOT'S policy? Excuse all my mistakes please! I know my english ain't the greatest. Greetings Ramir3z
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