You all LOOK delicious! But how do you TASTE? (Tahm Kench's Breakfast of Champions)

Tahm Kench doesn't have enough quotes. Let's come up with some things he should say after spitting out a champion to describe their flavor. {{champion:102}} - A bit too spicy for my tastes. {{champion:99}} - You taste like sunshine and rainbows. Disgusting. {{champion:63}} - I think I burned my tongue. {{champion:105}} - Tastes like fish. {{champion:45}} - A bit undercooked, but you'll make a fine meal in time... {{champion:41}} - Tastes like salt and citrus. {{champion:37}} - Ugh, too sweet. {{champion:43}} - A little bit bland... {{champion:79}} - I'm feeling a little tipsy. {{champion:21}} - Waaay too saucy. {{champion:78}} - I'm not a big fan of the taste of Yordles. {{champion:101}} - My tongue feels all tingly! {{champion:54}} - I think I bit off more than I could chew with that one. Feel free to add more!
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