[Volu] Header Contest Winner announcement - finally here! :D

Merry Snowdown everyone! First of all, we know we are a little [*cough cough*] late with this announcement. So, thank you for having the patience for it! <3 And really big thanks for your participation in this contest. The entries were amazing and that gave us a really hard time to pick up the winners! No worries though, we finally got it straight! ######As a quick note, keep in mind that your headers that we used have had nothing to do with the winning places. We used them because we thought that they fit really well in those threads. :D **** So, here we go with the winners announcement! **1st** place goes to..... *drums pl0x* ##DÊÂTH (EUW) https://i.imgur.com/G8xClIo.png Your entry brought the entire League of Legends Snowdown spirit together. GGWP<3! Your prize is **3500RP**! :D **** **2nd** place goes to.... *trumpets trumpeting (is that even a word? >.< now it is)* ##Wortelsapjuh (EUW) https://i.imgur.com/2ERsi6J.png Penguins snowball-fighting! You gotta love those lovely lads while Graves, Bard, Singed and Ziggs have the time of their lives. xD You'll get **2500RP** to do whatever you want with it. \o/ **** **3rd** place goes to... *wait for it! ... wait for it! ...* ##catta (EUNE) https://i.imgur.com/2V23UPb.jpg Your piece of work was amazing and we really loved it that you actually have this drawing IRL! And it's very cute. You should probably hang it on a wall. If I were you, I would! :D Your prize is **1500RP** to buy yourself a lovely present! <3 **** **4th** place! [Yes, we got this too!] This one goes to... *(I'm out of introductions, but you get the idea xD)* ##Sun of the Night (EUW) https://i.imgur.com/uadqH8K.png Poros! Lots of poros everywhere! I wanna hug them all. >^.^> Your prize is... Uhm... I have no idea cuz *I missed that class* o.O' But will edit this as soon as I find out. >.< Editing: ... also **1500RP** to get yourself some lovely content! :D **** **** And now, for the random draw, we've got you lucky winners: - MadEclair (EUNE) - BleupizZ (EUW) - Fenıx (EUNE) - Evil Siontist (EUNE) - DÊÂTH (EUW) - Bio of Lantea (EUW) - Welhon (EUNE) - GadK (EUW) - DarthKurisu (EUW) - Lord Dominator (EUW) - x Cutey Mouse x (EUW) - maxiiieee777 (EUW) - Biscuit Bite (EUNE) - Sun of the Night (EUW) - LukeR (EUW) - Wortelsapjuh (EUW) - WanderingSpace (EUNE) - foxxof120 (EUW) - Maarkii (EUW) - LeonidPower (EUNE) Congratulations to all of you guys! Merry Snowdown and enjoy your presents! <3 ###### PS: As you can see, I didn't take much time to format this thread. Sorry 'bout that. :( I still love you all <3
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