Most annoying champs in the game?

Just played a ranked game with a horrible yasuo and was thinking of why that champion even exists. Almost everytime he is feeding, and when he isnt he is just unkillable.. Thats when i came up with this idea. Which are the most hated/annoying champs in the game in your opinon? Tell me your top 5! The most annoying champions in my opinon are: {{champion:157}} when he is on my team he always feed, all Yasuo players are Yasuo mains and they are just as bad, if there is a good yasuo he is on enemy team however most of the time he is feeding. Overall, a canc** champion and i just hate him. Ban him every game just so i wont get one in my team. {{champion:238}} : even though he is not as popular right know as he were before i still hate him, but only if he is on enemy team. Doesn't matter how hard he loose lane, once he get ghost blade he can oneshot you immeadietly. Specially if you are an adc (feelsbadman). {{champion:90}} : literally cancer, no other good words to describe this guy.. that silence, that ebola thing and that ult lasts forever. If you dont get qss, you might aswell just afk cause you wont be able to do anything anyways. {{champion:143}} annoying support that does more damage than the midlaner and adc together. {{champion:427}} made me break 2 keyboards already, that shield is just so fucking broken. i may have forgot someone but these are some annoying champs that i really hate, would be very interesting to see your thoughts.

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