Riot lately

Let's just face it people , this game is nothing more than a cash cow. There are many issues regarding the game play experience , balance etc. , yet we don't see that many attempts at fixing the game . Before anyone goes full fanboy to defend the game , how about we examine rito latest decissions : The pass is a joke : if a player wants the prestige skin / border , they have to grind like hell for the game . And lets face it , you can't stay every waking hour glued to your PC to grind tokens for it ( it's the same principle as a pay to win system ) And prestige skins , really ? It's basically a chroma riot , no matter how much you tell us otherwise. Pijama guardian ??? Multi million dollar company , and their staff just recicles skins ? I thought we were promised diversity and original content . -Chromas : changing the color of my champion won't improove my game quality and overall experience. Example nr 1 : oh look , an udyr is ganking my lane. It doesnt matter that all he has to do is lick the keyboard for him to do a "combo" , my lucian is red , and that's all that matters. 15 min later 0/6/0 Example nr 2 : hello riven , i see you have 4 dashes , 1 shield , 1 knockup , 1 stun , and an aoe nuke. Not to mention the fact that you can cancel your animation , allowing you to cast 2/3 abilities at once ( which at this point , i consider it an exploit ) . As long as my akali has the prestige skin , i don't mind losing again. Example nr 3 : AP mid-lane . OH , i have an irelia mid , so i guess i need some armor. I'll just buy zhonia cause it's the ONLY !!! item mages have to protect themselves against phisical damage AD mid-lane : OH , my opponent is ap , well , i guess i can buy hexdringer , maw of malmortius , QSS , mercurial scimitar , spirit visage , mercury threads. Honor system - lets face it , you need to be a budist monk to not get angry at the game for you to get enough honor to get to rank 3 +. And the rewards are shit Prestige skins : We , at league of legends , strongly feel that prestige skins are worth it cause your champion looks different , and no , it's not a chroma , cause your abilities are of a different color and your weave is different . Capsules : hello idiots , we at riot decided to introduce gambling into the game so you can get even more addicted. Ranked : You want the end season rewards ? Well , we at riot game , introduced 2 new divisions for you to climb , because you weren't spending enough time at your computer . My advice : quit the game , cause in retrospect , what are you really gaining when you play the game ? Stress , anger and an empty wallet
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