Click to hit spells and their power

Hello. I think we need to address this. And we need to address this with an open mind. We all know that many skillshots are very hard to hit. And cost a huge amount of mana. Hence, people need to think twice when using them (especially in the early game). However there are some spells that are too damn strong and are click to hit spells. First or all annie. Even though she is a very easily countered and a very predictable champion ( would argue underpowered) her sbility to just stun any person with a Q is not healthy. It is annoying that someone like morgana needs to hit her q to stun u whereas annie just needs to be the right range. I would be happy if annie was given more damage on her q but make it a skillshot. Now lets talk about brands R. I believe this might be the most annoying ability in a teamfight. How many times have you lost or won s teamfight just because brand pressed R? I think some power must be shifted from his R if not made into a skilshot. Many other click to hit abilities come in mind. Veigars R another example. Even though i thibk these champions are NOT Op. I believe a discussion should be made.
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