False advertising riot?

Hi, we all have probably read about the new, awesome prinlges contest that gives you a chance to win a legacy skin every day. Right away i think its stupid, being a sponsor and giving away 84 skins, when value of 1 of these skins barely exceeds value of 2 pringles cans you need to (or at least should) buy to even enter. What makes it worth however, is option of obtaining championship riven. I got pretty excited over that. The chances are.. small but hey, at least you cant purchase her every year. I've came across some discussion though, like : https://www.reddit.com/r/Rivenmains/comments/cukbvj/new_chance_to_obtain_championship_riven_pringles/ where people state that it is in fact championship riven 2016. This makes the whole concept useless and whats more, THIS RIOT, IS FALSE ADVERTISING if this is to be true. There is only one skin in game, carrying the name Championship riven, and it is the original 2012 one. I suggest you either clarify it, or you will have to be giving out the retired, championship skin? Or are you trying to fool us to participate in this meaningless giveaway by offering skin we are actually not getting? If this is, in fact, the original riven, I apologize, but i think some clarification on your part would be appropriate. Notes: 1) I do not complain about getting free stuff. 2) No, I am not naive enough to think i have a shot 3) I only think this is not cool, offering something that is not gave away at the end. 4) The championship riven 2016 does not hold "legacy" title, the OG one does neither (its "limited"). So what should we take away from this?

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