I just won my 1st Solo/Duo ranked game with Gold/Plat players. My provisional rank is Iron 3.

MattyKaye - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
MattyKaye / Iron 3 11LP / 2W 0L Win Ratio 100% / Nami - 59W 53L Win Ratio 53%, Janna - 2W 1L Win Ratio 67%, Miss Fortune - 0W 1L Win Ratio 0%
Dear Any Person (or any person working for Riot. Or Riot Sapmagic. Or Riot Gortok) Who Happens to Read this, I am a Nami one-trick who just got off playing a couple of Solo/Duo ranked games, and I could not help but scratch my head at the provisional rank I was given. I was a mid-Gold player for the past couple of seasons, and placements at that time usually land me at low Gold Tier (or high Silver tier). In Season 8, I mostly skipped over playing solo/duo ranked (playing 5-6 games, not finishing placements) in favour of flex ranked. I was Gold 3 in flex as that season ended, but I played and won enough in the Season 9 Preseason that I managed to get to Plat 4 for flex. Pleased with that ranking, and wishing to get started on doing some Solo/Duo ranked, I queued up for the latter mode and found myself playing with a team of gold and platinum players against other gold and plat players. But after I won that game, I was surprised to find out that the game has placed me in Iron 4 at 60 LP. In other words, the game is telling me that I am at the very bottom of the League of Legends ranked player pool, despite (I hope) not looking out of place in a game with players who rank at least above the 80th percentile. Surprised at such a result, I queued up for another Solo/Duo ranked game and found myself in another gold/platinum game (the same as last time). I won that game too, and found my rank jump from Iron 4 to Iron 3 at 11 LP (+51 LP after the win, instant promotion given that this game is part of placements). According to Op.GG, my MMR is still at around 1800, despite my being at Iron 3 (their average MMR is around 1200, per Op.gg). Obviously the op.gg figures aren't perfectly accurate, but they seem to be decent reflections of what my games look like in either solo/duo or flex (gold/plat). My placement series does not seem to make much sense to me, the more I think about it. Even should I to sweep the rest of my placements (8 more left) and earn 50 LP for each win, that would still leave me at around Bronze 3. Such an end result would be palatable if I actually played with Bronze (or Silver) opponents en route to that destination (if I couldn't beat them consistently, then I probably do deserve to be at around iron tier), but instead I would likely be playing against those who are well above bronze and even silver due to my MMR. If I may use a flawed analogy, it is as if a school is flunking its Grade 2 students for failing a postgraduate course on global history. Obviously, the school may be _totally_ correct in its assessment that its 7-or-8-year-olds are incapable of, for instance, summarising the total body of literature created by the Annales School of historians. But is that standard, a task that even the brightest 20-year old university students might find hard to do, really appropriate for evaluating a student cohort that, might not know what is Declaration of Independence is? I am not sure as to why there seems to be a great discrepancy between my Season 8 flex rank (gold 3, 75th percentile) and current solo/duo ranked (iron 3, 1st percentile). As someone who isn't all that smart, I at least thought that my provisional rank in solo/duo would at least be in striking distance to my end-of-season flex rank (something like silver, maybe low gold). I am also writing to see if anyone else has had this same ranked placement experience as I did. To be clear, if it can't be helped, then I will just play out my placements and wait until the hard ranked reset that will take place in Season 9. Right now I am just worried about upholding a pledge to play 100 ranked League games per month (to hopefully play 1000 ranked games for Season 9). I'm not throwing stuff around in my room out of anger and frustration. I'm just... confused. An apology is not necessary from Riot Games or anybody really. But an explanation as to why I hit Iron 4 after playing a gold/plat game is appreciated. Thank you for your time. Best wishes, MattyKaye
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