Feeling generous (Free skin!)

* ***CLOSED: _WINNERS ALREADY CHOSEN_*** You know, despite how bad this game can get at times, and how badly you can tilt etc; There are some gems in this game, some really special moments - and no matter how bad it gets, it is a team game. You all work as one trying to save each others asses, and that's what I love. Anyways, skipping the sappy talk, I'm in the mood to give away **one free skin** to a random person (winner is determined by a random generator). And yes, it's regardless of skin cost - if it's a 3250 RP one, I'll get it. Likewise if the winner is a 320 RP one... I'll get that too. * All you need to do to be eligible for this is to comment: 1) What skin you would like. 2) What your favourite thing about league is. Winner will be announced tomorrow around 11:00am. Good luck to all who enter. ALRIGHT, I have the winners! (Yes winners!) I decided since there was so much feedback and entries I'd have another winner (so there are two). **WINNERS ARE:** BakedPotatoGod (Championship Thresh) -x- Verbados (Infernal Nasus) -x- I've sent you all in game requests, I'll get the skin to you when you accept :) Once again, thank you all for entering, who knows - I may do this again at some point!

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