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Tell us about League experiences you shared with a friend

Apart from being lots of fun to play, League can be a great tool to socialize with other people who share the same passion as you.
Many of us form friendships for a lifetime and sometimes even more than that over League of Legends. Chances are, you have an interesting story to tell.
We want to hear it, and we will listen!

Tell us about a relationship you've made or strengthened by playing the game.
Anything that had an impact on you will be great to hear...
Let us know how you met, why you love playing together with your friend, or tell the story of an amazing experience you shared, whether it's a memorable match, a live event etc.

Great friends deserve some recognition!
Make sure you mention your friend's Summoner name and region in your comment.
With a bit of luck, we could gift the person you mention a little reward for being a great friend!
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