Why You Do This Riot

I h8 u Riot! https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZzXth_UJDxs/V6TyFZQh0RI/AAAAAAAA9XU/ma0keE8eofoUQr5RpDtcmQ1cjq3HgGxrQCLcB/s640/2eaaf8b0ae33f1b2.jpg I now have to buy this skin cause you didn't release pool party Ahri skin and when that skin come out I ill also have to buy that one. It's like you want to take my money Riot. I mean what I kind of company want money. You just know I main Ahri so you put the meh skin out 1st so I have to but the good one as well. I thought you were better than this Riot. (Btw read the category I put this under before you make hate Also I found this at http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/08/85-pbe-lcu-update.html#more They will also be releasing an arcade Corki skin and I think and arcade Ezreal).

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