Boards tournament: looking for players and streamers!

#Registration is now closed. I sadly couldn't find enough players, so the English Boards won't participate this year. **EDIT**: my apologies for the sloppy formatting and the late replies. I'm currently on vacation and I had, and still have, limited access to the internet. Also, I have to admit 'European' might be a bit misleading. This tournament is meant for all the Boards in **EU**(ropa)W: the German, Spanish, French, Italian and English Boards. --- Good afternoon, As some of you might know already, there will be another [Boards tournament]( this year! Leave a comment with the following information if you want to participate: * Summoner Name * Rank * Lifetime Upvotes > When will it take place? The tournament consists of two phases. In the first stage every team gets to play against all the teams once, this takes place on **August 12 & 13**. This continues in a 'King of the Hill' where the 5th place plays against the 4th, the 4th against the 3rd, etc. The second stage takes place on **August 19 & 20**. ~~ > Team building restrictions * To let as much people participate and to improve matchmaking balance, there will be a 'Wild tournament' in addition to the regular tournament. While a team in the **regular tournament** can only have a **maximum amount of points based on the players' their rank**, the **Wild tournament doesn't have any restrictions when it comes to team building**. We think it might be hard for players to be available for all the matches, so we are aiming to have **7 players in each team** to have 2 extra people available to play. * As this is 'the Boards tournament', you'll need to have at least **100 Lifetime Upvotes**. I think this should be easy to achieve, even if you aren't frequently using the Boards. These are currently the only restrictions regarding team building, though based on the amount of registrations we receive the restrictions might get changed. > Streamers needed! We are also looking for streamers who are available to stream the tournament. Just as with the players, we don't expect you to be available the whole tournament (though it would be nice if you could stream as long as possible). You can comment below if you are interested :) > Rewards While it may not be that much, we do have some rewards: Second place gets a **Mystery Ward** and first place gets a **Mystery Skin + Mystery ward**. The others teams won't receive a reward, unfortunately. Kudos to Rito for providing the rewards. > Additional information * Maximum amount of teams: 10 (5 for the regular tournament and 5 for the Wild tournament) * Map: Summoner's Rift 5v5 * Mode: Tournament Draft * Tournament mode: Single elimation * Bans per team: 5 * Game winner: the team who destroys the enemy's Nexus or makes them surrender * Restrictions: there are no item / champion restrictions at the moment. * Players need to have at least 20 champions available * Tournament rules: ~~ Kudos to imaxaroth for pointing this out ;) --- To end this post, here's a little word from us, the organisation team: “We have launched this tournament with the idea to bring together European players. If you read these lines, it means we are sharing the same game, in the same servers, with the same passion. This is a fun based tournament to make the European community meet and share around league of legend. We are expecting from the participant a sportsman like conduct, and a lot of fair play during the matches. Thank you all and good luck on the fields of Justice!'' Special thanks to Darroll, khromer, Erwan and Eiael from the French Boards, The Swan Song from the German Boards, El Dragón Blanco from the Spanish Boards, the Volunteers and Rito. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions! Kind Regards, Oluap0 ######While we try to be as consistent as possible, all the information is subject to change.
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