A typical day on summoners rift

It all started when I furgot My right runes and master yis. I made my way to top lane and i zed to myself i will ryze up and destroy my enemies. but something wasnt right. i could detect them on my sona. it was anivia and wukong ganking, i thought udyr you gotta joquinn me. wukong just laughed and lux as anivia walled me of and sunk her talon into me. anivia ganked me again under turret annie had the cheek to show his masteryi token above his head as he died under turret. i thought to myself elise bot lane is fed. anivia ganked once more...... as i lay dead in a pile of ashe i rumbled a mighty roar that ekkoed across the rift. it was clear this game would put me in an early graves i taliya. i decided to stay calm as i could always have a brand bew thresh game after this. the end. my god im bored.....
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