A Volunteer's contest - The Useless Contest [CLOSED - voting in progress]

What is this MADNESS?

Welcome to The useless Contest, a contest you'll easily get to know as one of the strangest contests as of yet. "Why is that?" you may ask, well, as the name already suggests, your goal in this contest will be to bring your most useless League of Legends related idea to life! Yup, you heard that correctly, we'll ask you to invent something so useless, something even a bush wouldn't have thought about and we'll even reward you for it. If your invention is useless enough, that is.

"How will I do this?" you might ask yourself, well, we'll get to that in a bit but just to help that out of the world: you DO NOT have to be a technical genius to take part in this contest. So, you like where this is going? Then don't hesitate and grab a cup of your favorite drink while reading through the rest of this post.


In this contest it's your goal to invent & create the most useless League of Legends related invention ever. You can do this by either physically building or programming it. We'll put some examples in the comments to help you get an idea of what we expect.

How you do this, is completely your call. You can use any kind of materials or programming language, as well as you can choose your own style, scale and pretty much anything else. So were you thinking of dusting of your old Lego collection and start building with those? Go ahead; use anything you have or find! The only things you'll need is your creativity and to some extent building or programming skills

Entries will be evaluated on three key aspects:

  • Uselessness
  • Creativity
  • Quality

Creativity and uselessness play the biggest role by far here, while quality is more of a bonus element. Surprise us!

Can anyone join?

Yes! As mentioned before this contest is made for anyone. So if you aren't an engineer, don't worry, you don't need to be one! The only requirement is that you have an idea and some hands to bring it to life.

There is only one exception to the rule above. As Volunteers we encourage positive behavior and as a result discourage negative behavior. That's why the following groups are excluded from this contest:

  • Players who have received chat restrictions within 1 month prior to this contest
  • Players who have received in-game suspensions within 3 months prior to this contest
  • Players who have received Boards suspensions within 1 month prior to this contest
  • Players who showed severe toxicity within their recent games


As with every contest, there are a few rules we would like everybody to stick to:

  • Your entry must have been made by yourself and for this contest
  • Only one entry can be submitted per person, this includes smurf accounts
  • Your account should be created on either EUW or EUNE
  • Your content should stick to the Universal Boards Rules
  • Your content should stick to the Terms of Use
  • No malicious software or mature content

Note that not following these rules may lead to disqualification of this contest, as well as future Volunteer contests, depending on the severity of your violation.

When creating software we highly encourage having a look at Riot's latest stance on third party software before using or testing any software.


You can't have a contest without rewards, and for this one in particular we've gathered some pretty nice ones.

1st place

  • The imaginary title of "most useless inventor"
  • The one and only Heimerdinger figure
  • 1820 Riot Points

Top creations

  • Between 1820 - 750 Riot Points

Note that these prizes will be awarded to the account you submitted your work with. We intentionally didn't put an exact number on the amount of top creations as well as the RP amount as this is something that can vary depending on how many awesome creations we receive and their awesomeness.

How to submit

For this contest you'll have to submit the following things:

  • A photo or video of your creation
  • A photo or video of your creation as a work in progress (to prove ownership)
  • An introduction to your creation, what is it? What does it do? Why is it useless?
  • If your project is a program, send us a runable version of it along with the source code (we still also need the other parts we listed above)
  • Your summoner name
  • Your server

We highly recommend using websites such as imgur or youtube to upload data heavy files such as videos and pictures. Just make sure to send us a correct link to them.

Once you gathered all the above, please send it to the following e-mail address: useless.contest@volu-eu.org

Make sure to use a valid e-mail address as this will be the channel we'll be using to communicate about the winners and anything else related to this contest.

That's it, now it's your time to shine. Invent and create your most useless invention and convince us on why you should win!

We've put some examples useless invention down the comments, these can be used as inspiration but should NOT be copied.
For any questions, feel free to ask them below!

Contest closes on 23rd July 2017 23:59 CEST

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