Free Skin Contest series nr 17 (Eune/Euw)

**This contest is now over!** **17th contest winners are:** _975 RP Skin of their choice go to:_ * Aegis (Euw) * Hellmaiden (EUW) * Yandere Akali (EUNE) _Mystery skins of this contest go to: _ * Hansiman (Eune) * CTS Kiki (EUW) Winners will be contacted :) ~~Hey~~ ~~I belive i have some west rewards still to send but for somereason RP arrives from skrill to that account so much slower. Anyway school has started for many players or another Strong work year and with the beginning of the new month a new boards contest must be opened.~~ **~~About 17th Contest:~~** ~~Simply write me what YOU think is a positive player.~~ ~~Contest ends: 20.09.2015~~ **~~Now about rewards:~~** ~~First 3 get a 975 RP skin, 4-5th get a mystery skin.~~ ~~Lastly, my thanks to Hansiman who made me this huge positivity nerd with our calls etc..... ~~ ~~I'd be supper happy if some of you followed me in twitter and retweeted the contest, some fun stuff with this contest series happening there:~~ ~~And nonbelivers, google free skin contest series, been doing these giveaways for awaile~~ ~~Good luck and have fun in the field of justice and always try to be calm in win or loss.~~ **Any player found of being negative in any kind of way in boards/ingame are banned from this contest without any buts!!! **
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