Jokes with HelioVANCE

Thresh with 100% wifesteal What did Blitz do to Kata when they went on a date? He knocked her up.. "Dude your penis is so small I can't even see it" "The unseen blade is the deadliest {{champion:238}}" "That Lucian is fed, we need to surr" *Buys 6 Black Cleavers* "Lol the Lucian is going AP" "I smell black magic {{champion:67}}" Yasuo,Riven,Xin Zhao and Teemo walks into a bar, there is no counter. Why did Mundo cross the road? Because Mundo goes where he pleases. Two guys are talking, one is a DotA player and other a LoL player. The DotA player says his game is the best, the LoL player couldn't deny. An arab ziggs main

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