A typical day on summoners rift part 2

after the miss fortunes of my last game I decided to play another to see if i had a change of twisted fate. my mouse finger was twitching with excitment (thanks) and i was feeling rather vayne in myself . i head down mid lane and thought ahrit.. lets do this. as i traded abilities with the enemy brand and spammed my master yi token i realised karma was not on my side. his new passive left me burned and singed as i tumbled towards my turrret. fiddlesticks then ganked and sent his dravens which left me silenced as the jayced me down. but then hecarim,my saviour activated ghost as he blitzed toward the midlane and ulted them. it was the most heroic thing ive ever sheen as i was having a bard time and managed to live in the sivire predicament i was in with slither of hp. jinxed myself i was hit by an ezreal global instead.

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