[EUW] 1380RP minimal art contest

I've been unable to play league for around a whole month now due to computer issues, and yesterday I finally received my new computer, and it's amazing So to celebrate I wanted to host a little contest, something simple that anyone with a bit of creativity can join in So here's the theme : #create a minimalist skin concept for a league of legend character or pet* - The winner will get **1380 RP** or** 2 mystery skins** (your choice) There are a few rules tho: - **EUW only** Sorry for the people in EUNE but I don't have an account on EUNE to send the rewards from - You can still pariticipate if you want but won't be able to get the rewards - Concept must be in a minimalist art style - PG13 - Concept must not have any political meaning - Concept cannot use any intellectual property with the exeption of league of legends intellectual property - Can only feature one character or one character with his pet(s) - Concept must not be inspired by an existing skin line - TL;DR : do something simple and unique - To illustrate I'll post my own concept in the comments below _____ Here's how I'll select a winner : - First the concept needs to be in accordance with the rules above - Then I'll select my 9 favorite concepts - And finally in another post I'll set up a poll with those concepts and let you all choose your favorite - In case of a tie, I'll arbitrarily choose one of the concepts **pet = a living being that "belongs" to a champion (yes shrooms count)* **CONTEST ENTRIES END : 11/11 11:11 GMT+1** **WINNER SELECTED ON : 13/11 01:11 GMT+1** Have fun, don't forget to keep it simple c:

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