Ranked is not good enought

ranked is very bad right now, if you win you get like 21 lp maybe more if you lose you lose like 18-19 lp that's a lot of lp considered that you maybe have someone bad on your team. Of course someone has to lose and it fair someone loses but the most of the time you just have this guy that is just very bad and die all the time that's means you lose and you will lose 19 lp or more that's dumb it is not your fault if someone feeds. i promoted to silver 2 and i have got some decent games on my own but i never won these games in silver 2 last game i had a decent score but my support was 0/14. It should be him that lost 19 lp not me now i demoted to silver 3 because of 1 person thanks to riot they made this game stupid. lp need to be fixed if you're 8/0/0 you should only lose like 5 lp or 6 lp that's fair if you're 0/14 that were you need to lose 20 lp or something. i just mean everyone lose the same amount of lp that doesn't sound fair to me people demote of other people's mistakes. please let me hear you guys opinion on this should this be changed or not. PS please dont hate on me its just my opinion
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