The "Official" Season 9 Team Composition

If you take a close look at the new login screen for season 9, you will notice that it contains exactly 5 champions. A team that fights on Summoner's Rift also contains 5 champions. So they are one team. Let's dissect the team comp: First up: Which champions are on the team, and who is where? Our team is made up of {{champion:157}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:19}} Let's first look at where which champion is most commonly played (source: Lolalytics for Platinum+): {{champion:157}} is played in mid, top and bot lane (in this order of priority) {{champion:53}} is played in sup {{champion:43}} is played in sup, top and mid {{champion:39}} is played in top and mid {{champion:19}} is played in jun and top So overall, the team would look like this: Yasuo + Blitzcrank bot lane, Irelia + Karma on the solo lanes (interchangeable) and Warwick in the jungle. This team has a low split push potential: Although both solo laners are theoretically capable to split, they are more effective when grouping, and the rest of the team also lacks the necessary disengage. The team has an exceptional catch potential with Blitzcrank's hook, Yasuo's Q and R, as well as Irelia's E and R and Warwick's R. The team has barely any siege potential due to overall lack of range besides Karma. The team has a decent team fight, with Irelia's R and Q, Blitzcrank's hook and R, Yasuo's overall team fight proficiency, and Warwick's fear and overall tankiness. They are not the greatest team fighting composition by any means though, due to lack of engage. For a protect composition, they have too many carries that go too ham (in Warwick, Irelia and Yasuo) to really be able to speak of any kind of protection. If someone on the team gets jumped on, they are most likely dead. All in all, this team's win condition is to pick off single enemies, prepare death bushes, and take towers when they are in a significant numbers advantage.

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