Elementalist Lux : Icon Art vs Login Splash Art

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmpNDXxNpu4) I am a lux main and i am beyond hyped for this skin , but something that bothers me is the artstyle used for Elementalist Luxes in game icons and i assume splash , they are too cartoony and lets admit some of them are really ugly. If was content with this because it wasnt a big part of the skin, but now ive seen the animated splash art for the login theme.... I was speechless , left in awe. It was truly beautiful and amazing. Which is why i am now upset about the way they made her ingame icons and hopefully not splash art cartoony and kinda ugly ( It looks a lot like Star Garudian Lux and the SG skin needed to look cartoony since it was based off of an anime type). Which is why i dont like this art style and i hope they change it before the release even though i doubt they will do it..... And the the icon artstyle doesnt match the Elemental forms personality a lot of the time ...... Look a Magma Luxes deep and mildy scary voice with the icon looking like SG lux from the Music videos ... Idk it just bothers me , it seems everything bothers me these days. I would also like to hear your opinions on the matter, do you think they should change the icons to something more like the login splash or do you perfer the weird triagle looking faces and heads? Also the ice and air/storm hairstyles look kinda .... meh...... couldve been better.
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