Christmas has come early for LoL players all over the world!

Team Up & Pool Party
Welcome to Team Up Week! League's better with a party, so from June 15-21, team up with friends and earn points by winning games in five-player premades or sending gifts to friends both new and old. These points pool together to unlock levels of rewards for the whole community to enjoy.
Just thought I'd raise awareness of this, as I only happened to stumble across it by chance today going through the boards - basically, FREE STUFF! IP bonuses, skin sales, merchandise sales, icon, mystery champion/skin (depending on if you have all the champions or not), POOL PARTY MINIONS, IP weekend (up to +300%!) for parties (team of 2+), and.......**_Pooooool Partayyyy Mundo!_** It's contributed to by every single 5 premade team that wins - _every single one **globally**_. Riot is really testing out the community spirit here, as we have to accumulate _at least _ 5 million points for the first reward, which sounds like a lot but will probably be achieved fairly quickly. The real test is _55 million points_ for Pool Party Mundo. We're always described as a bad community. Let's show ourselves what we got! (And earn some cool stuff too ^^) There's lots of talk about public rooms for quick 5 man teams, so if you're lonely, look down the comments and you can probably find a way to match yourselves with people and do your part to make our way to that 55 million! They said they'll update the points daily 9:00AM PST (you might have to look up the time for your area) to show our progress, and the whole thing starts with patch 5.12, which I presume is soon ^^ All details are in the link, there's some stuff about connecting to Facebook and not receiving awards if you've had poor behavior recently (from February), but other than that; **GOOD LUCK ON THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE!**

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