Free Skin Contest series nr 19 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 2

> Huge congratulations to SKT T1 for winning this years League of legends world championships. > > Winners of this contest are as: > > **RibenaTea **from Eune > > **RiCaR1 **from Euw > > Winners will be contacted shortly. **THIS CONTEST IS OVER, REPLIES HAVE BEEN WRITTEN UP! ** Hey Here arrives the second part of the Worlds Special contest. **Partisipants task:** Tell me who wins the season 5 world championships. **Rewards:** Two winners. One skin upto 975 RP to eune player and one to euw player. **Ending date:** Contest ends on 23.10.2015 Results on 31.10.2015 after worlds. Thank you for taking part of my contests and good luck. Also i would be realy happy if you would follow me here: _I hope that Fnatic or Origen takes it :)_
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