Riots double standards when it comes $$$

I have been banned twice, and both times without an explanation why so both times I had to send a ticket. The first time I was banned it was cause of chargeback and they told me instantly after I sent a ticket with my info, the 2nd time I got banned was today and like I mentioned without an explanation why BUT this time you won't tell me why because I can't prove the account is mine EVEN THOUGH I filled in the same information the first time I got banned. Let me guess the first time you told me why was because you wanted my $$$ but this time you won't tell because its something else? Again both tickets had the same info that I provided and both asking for the same thing, which was why my account was perma banned and the results are as I mentioned above when it came to my $$ (chargeback )they told me why but when its something else they won't tell me cause I can't prove the account is mine. I guess its time for me to ask for a chargeback now, cause I'm sick of this stupid company even though they've made a great game.
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