'Your account has been permanently suspended."

Hello, my name is Ali, and this is my account "alishalaan". Today, when I tried to log in my account, it said "Your account has been permanently suspended." Can someone please tell me what did I do, and how did it happen? This is my very precious account. I have been playing endless since 5th month of 2016. I can't afford to lose this account, it would be very huge loss to me. Please, I beg you to help on this. I don't really know what happened. Someone tell me the reason of suspension? EDIT: It said to check my e-mail for further details. I checked my e-mail, spam folder, junk folder, everything. There's no e-mail. Please tell me why this? I didn't do anything expect play with my friends, then today I log in, and I receive this message.
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