Dear Riot

I know that sometimes ppl have bad games and shit happens, i'm not that sad about trying harder and harder but still losing a lot and i know that sometimes i myself make mistakes that cost the game. But sometimes there are things that rly don't make sense. Like the way ur matchmaking and mmr system works. Ik that if i lose more netpoints then i gain,that my mmr drops faster and that i can use to roughly track that,that's all fine with me. It's even fine with me that i get trolled and lose a lot of games to just that and mistakes of others ,cause i didn't carry hard enough as a support,now i'm here in p3 when i was d5 just a few days ago.Ofc my mmr is shit as hell,that's what bad games and trolls do to u. What i don't understand is, how u match me with gold 4 and 5's for one day and with p3-4 the next day but with the same mmr. Is filling evaluating ur mmr differently just so u get the fastest match? Do i have to select a stable role in order to get matched with the right mmr? Is it random who get's matched with me depending on who ques? I would love to understand it,because then i would start dodging ques a lot more and i would do sth else instead of playing like this. Where is the fun in competition if u can't even play with or vs ppl on ur own level,or at least with a level that's acceptable. but a whole league under my own,is not ok. The worst thing is, i got matched with a "smurf" from silver 1 in gold promos with a good mmr in one game yesterday . Dafuq ,not even unranked,but matching gold,plat and silver ? Cmon riot, idgaf about getting my role, i even like to learn other's but filling gives me supp like 95% of the time anyway ,so can i not use that option any longer? I just rly wanna have an answer to that, i don't mind my mmr or the bad games ,i don't mind the dropping,cause i will grind it up again, i just wanna understand ur system.
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