Perma Ban Once More

Hello Dear Persons that Openned This Discussion, I Dont Care About People That Will Hate My Discussion, If You Do Not Like Please Leave. So Riot, Here I Am Once More A No Life Dedicated Gamer, You Banned Perma Once My Main Acc, Cried For Days Blabla Who Cares, Stop Playing LoL. I Came Again With My Second Acc, At Level15, Perma Aswell, Stop Playing Lol For Months Again, Got Tired Of Your Bans Because You Dont Care About Who Says What, Or Who Starts, Here I Am F**ing Myself Hard, Not Giving A Damn About Everyone, 1 More Game To Get 6300 To Buy Jhin And Once The Came Over, PERMA BAN! Do You Enjoy This? 3 Acc's Of Mine Perma Banned, Riot Get Something To Do, If You Dont Even Care About Us, Dont Even Let Us Create An Acc, We Dedicate Our Life On Your Game And This Is What We Get, AND! We Dont Flame, PEOPLE FLAME ON US!! But You Dont Care About That, You To Busy To Change Your System And Codes To Seek For The Blamer. 3 Acc's Perma, I Would Like To Say.... Since Season1 You Were Different, Now You Nothing, To Busy Counting The Money And Cleaning You A* With 100$ Isnt That Correct? Im Tired Of Permas, I Would LOVE! People Stop Playing Riot Games, To See How Much Attention You Would Give To Us, Open Your Damn Eyes, Change People's Life, Instead Banning People That Shouldn´t. Regards HardGhostPT24 (1ºacc perma) HardGhostPT23 (2ºacc perma) Skill3dGuy (today 3ºacc perma) With No Love.. Kiss To Riot! With Love, Kiss To All Persons That Got Banned And Cried Cuz Of Dedicated Gamers! <3
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