Unfair Leavebuster penalty

Okay so starting off, after the release of patch 5.22 I've got many lag issues and all that stuff. But what I see as unfair punishment is that when I tried to play just a normal game, the game had been crashing over and over. I wasn't able to join the game because every time I tried to do so BugSplat would pop out and the client would just close itself. It isn't the first time it was happening but anyway I tried so many times that after some time... well like 18 minutes!.. Only then I was able to join the game with level 1. After the match leavebuster penalty popped out and now I have to wait 20 minutes till the queue. I think it is kind of ridiculous because it wasn't my responsibility that LoL client would act this way since there are no problems with system specifics at all. As it is not really my fault I would like you to.. i don't know maybe disable the penalty. Looking for prompt reply.{{champion:56}}
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