Trade things with your friends is a very exhited and very usefull!!!

So what I want to say is that me and my friends will be rly happy if we could trade things for example....I just got borred with my skin or icon and I want to sell it...(I have not refunds so i cant refound it) BUT my friend rly like it(the skin or the icon) and he wants to give me one of his skins or icons in order to pick mine...Do you get it?Me and my friends will rly love to see Riot promote this to League of Legends!!! I have to say that the trade in my head isn't about trade only icons and skins but hextech shards too (champion shards,skins shards,ward skins shards,icons shards) Just because if your friend get the skin,icon (or whatever is it) that you want and you get the skin,icon.... that he wants you cant trade it and then you will be both happy!!! :D
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