Unable to play ranked with a friend

I wanted to play ranked with a friend of mine today and it stated that our rank difference is too high although our ranks should be reset to unranked for the new season. The only way this should happen if they take last seasons rank as a base for their calculation which i think is completely stupid. Furthermore in flex queue we were both gold so atleast we should be able to play there but even this is blocked by the system which is even more stupid. Also on my friends profile it doesnt even show the last seasons rank instead it displays unranked which is untrue. i am pretty pissed about this. EDIT: after searching more through the boards i came across this post: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/rdYizTAq-last-season-ranked-placement where someone states: "You were below honor level 2 at season end ? if yes, then all players under honor level 2 lose the rank from last season and appear unranked, if no, then maybe a bug" so my friend was below honor level 2 but this makes me even more pissed that you lose your rank from last season just because you were below honor level 2 which makes us unable to play together in the new season. We could play together last season so why shouldnt we be able to play together in the new season. the honor system should really be revisited for those kind of aspects.
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