Banned ... !!!

Morga did not want jungle, i swapped with her (i was supp) cause nobody wanted jungle. Lux who was adc did not want this lane and trade for mid. Allright i was already very cool to trade, cause i wanted support. I'm now jungle, botlane (Morgana, Jinx) are pushing like hell, Top (Yasuo) is pushing hard too. Guess what, they get killed .. once top, once bot (3kills), after 5 mins .. same scenario ... Morga start to flame me, same for yasuo... (I'm zac, of course i'm responsible for their death) I ask for wards, i can't jump without vision.... nada.. no wards from morgana. Morga and Yasuo still flame me. The game go on, yasuo end 4/16, **_ennemy not happy about their cait, trade a report against me for a report against cait_**..... My account is banned ... no really ? 1 - i was a little negative, ok, but when top is 4/16 and still flaming ... and when team let jungler die as a punition, not easy to be positive. 2- i flamed nobody, they did .. ! 3- i did none anti game things like stealing farm on lane or annoying an other player and still .. you ban .. me ? Update : being negative all game : i quote the chat log * I 've given my supp role to Morgana while i wanted support cause she said she couldn't (that's positive right ?) Game 1 NoWAY: yes NoWAY: be safe, easy on push .. --- advice given so i know how they play NoWAY: thanks NoWAY: care river top --- yasuo under ennemy turret, river not warded, tribush not warded, advice 2, he already died in the same scenario 5 mins ago, still cool and positive NoWAY: pushers have already given 3 kills NoWAY: i can't help if you push --- Is it negative ? I mean ... it's reality .. i can't... still early i cant jump zillions miles away. NoWAY: worst .. not warded NoWAY: so .... listen to what im saying NoWAY: no push NoWAY: and ward NoWAY: morga reported --- Morga flame me .. so yea she's reported, why not ..? It's negative to say it ? So what ? Someone punch you in the face you just smile ? It's negative to say 'i'm gonna call the police' ? NoWAY: enjoy the lose already --- Well ... it's negative but Yasuo already 2/7 ... and still near ennemy turret, we got no vision .. so yea i feel that this is lost. NoWAY: flaming NoWAY: i warned you .. next time listen NoWAY: morga flame me cause i did not gank NoWAY: i reply to her to not PUSH and to ward her lane NoWAY: she flamed again .. muted, reported --- Morga asked the ennemy team to report me, they ask why.. i explain why. NoWAY: end it NoWAY: still 0 ward NoWAY: just surrend --- I've gone in ... they just let me die .. on purpose... should i go in again and die cause they'll let me down again ? (down on purpose)..? NoWAY: it's lost NoWAY: so .. you like to push yasuo ... and now that you've fed all of them .. you flame jungler ..? NoWAY: lol , NoWAY: morga still going on the full ap path without wards .. NoWAY: just let them end .. NoWAY: 5min NoWAY: all our jungle is warded NoWAY: ok i'm out NoWAY: i see that nobody protected my blobs yes NoWAY: yhat morga instead of helping took kills NoWAY: i see NoWAY: yes i see NoWAY: without any wards ON MAP ? NoWAY: no more tf for me NoWAY: ok i got enough, i'll wait the end .. end this please NoWAY: report morga and Yasuo NoWAY: we got 0 ward on map .. 0 NoWAY: well done guys NoWAY: you ruined the game by flaming NoWAY: morga was jungler i gave her support cause she did not want to jungle .. and look at that .. she build full ap ... NoWAY: Portuguese attitude NoWAY: say the 4/16 yasuo .. :D

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