[Mission] Legendary persuit

Hi, I'm sure you know what the mission Legendary persuit consists of (Complete 6 more worlds missions). I completed every possible mission up till now (Pick'em missions included) and some of my friends have obtained this mission yet I haven't, is this because the mission was placed at a time where some missions didn't run out yet so I might've completed one of the previous missions before getting this mission or is it bugged somehow? I know it doesn't matter "a lot" since more missions will be on it's way but other people might be experiencing this same "bug" as me and it might affect some players who aren't able to complete every single mission. Edit: Forgot to mention that I didn't post this in the "bug report" section since I'm not sure it is a bug, it might've just been timing between when this mission came out and completing previous missions. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.
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