How to make a person get banned 100%

Hello and, first of all, sorry for using a "click bait" title like this, I just wanted more people to see what happened to me. Last week some random guy from my friend list gifted me **11K RP** and **2 "Mystery Skins"**. At first I was skeptical about it but after a few minutes i tought he only wanted make someone's day better and I thanked him. After like 3 days, my account got banned for **"suspicious and fraudulent activity"**. In the message which pops up when I try to connect to my account it says that i need to make a ticket to Riot Support to get my account unbanned. I made a ticket where I demanded the unban of my account and provided all the information I had about the person who "gifted" me and the gift. The Riot employee told me that the guy who gave me those gifts got his money back and my account balance is ~ -65€. The Riot employee also said that he sent my ticket to another employee which is specialised on financial problems. The problem is that I waited 5 days and they didn't message me...2 days ago I sent another message asking how is the investigation going on and when my account will be unbanned because, in fact, i did nothing wrong. They didn't answer. Will my account be unbanned?
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