Ban Permanent Unfair

Hello, my name is Danilo and I'm Brazilian and I need help. I'm creating this on this server because my account is here. I'll explain from the beginning. It all started in season 5 when I took a 2 week punishment after that I stopped playing LOL because of the suspension and also because I needed to focus on the studies so I moved from my city (Fortaleza) to Sao Paulo to study and I had never logged in to my account so I came back to login on 03/23/2017 and my account was on this server and with a permanent ban so I changed the password of my email and account and sent a ticket to RIOT.At first I thought it was a hacker attack but RIOT told me that there was no sign of an invasion in my account so I suspected it was someone from my house who was using my account. I live with my mother, my brothers, my stepfather and his children and I discovered that my stepfather's son used my account after I traveled and took a permban, and in desperation he changed the server account thinking that it would change something.he problem is that I think this situation is not fair for any of the parties, mainly because he is still a child. My account was not and was never shared with anyone it was just for my use and I do not know how he got into my account. I had no way to contact RIOT because I did not even know he was using my account in the period I stayed in Sao Paulo. I have all the necessary documents to prove that I was in Sao Paulo. My goal in creating this is to attain some RIOTER that can help me because in the player support they only respond with copy and paste. And also know the opinion of you I'm leaving the ticket I sent them and they did not even respond ''Ola RIOT, but once ... In the last tickets I have been answered with copy paste or simply do not understand the ticket and answer anything, so I will try to be as direct and clear as possible. In season 5 I took a ban of 14 days, I do not remember when, and after the 14 day ban I gave a stop to play, because I need to focus on my studies, so I spent a long time in SP and only I returned to my hometown (Fortaleza) on March 27th and the next day I tried to log into my account and she was in the Western US, I instantly changed the password of my email and my account and sent a ticket to To RIOT. And I suspected that it was a hacker, but I discovered that it was my stepfather's son, that after the end of my suspension he played on my account and took a permban and in the attempt of not discovering that he did this changed the server account, Since I had RP in it.It is important to mention that my account is not a condom, it was only mine, but it happened that after I traveled to SP he went into it and did it ... It is also important to mention that in the period I spent in SP , Which was more than 1 year I did not log in my account, so I had no way of knowing that he had done it. I have all the necessary documents to prove that I really was in SP. I think it's unfair that I can no longer use my account due to a security oversight. And I had no way of knowing that he was using my account ... Alias.he is a child who is only 13 years old, and did not do any of this for bad. I ask you to understand my situation and return the account, because it is a very unusual situation and I do not think either party was to blame.'' I think this is a very unusual situation and that a permaban is not fair for me because of a safety oversight
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