RP price changes

Hi, I was just checking since you have recently changed the price of RP for the GPB because it has been on the decline vs the dollar, when are you going to decrease the price of RP per unit for the Euro? Around the time you changed the price of RP for the Euro in 2015 the exchange of dollar to euro was 1 dollar for around 0.95 euro, now that rate is 1 dollar for around 0.83 euro. You decreased the euro per RP by 11% in 2015, that was because in 2014 the dollar was worth around .72 euro and the euro tanked. When the GPB went down vs the dollar you hiked the prices, now that the euro is doing well vs the dollar again isn't it only fair if riot even out the RP per euro by roughly 5% to reflect its current position vs the dollar? Its not a lot but seeing as riot are so keen to keep up with falling and rising currencies raising RP prices it would be nice to see you guys decrease them where they are doing well vs the dollar so you don't seem like such money grabbing bellends.
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