Performance Known Issues in Patch 8.15

Hey everyone, Radkus here from the Tech Team @ Player Support. After patch 8.15, we ran into a couple of issues that we believe should be resolved now. *** #**Low FPS, black screen, long load times & Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) on AMD FX processors** As mentioned in this [thread]( AMD FX/Opteron processors are experiencing high loading times & degraded performance overall. Fortunately, there’s a permanent fix for this by updating your BIOS. You can find out what BIOS is and how to update it [here]( ***Important note:*** *If you're unsure on how to do this, I highly advise you to ask a tech savvy friend to do it for you or at an authorized service since this might brick your motherboard. * *** #**High loading time in the loading screen & FPS issues** - ***Resolved at 8:00 AM UTC +1*** Since the last deploy, FPS drops & game stutters are more noticeable. We've deployed a fix for the issue related to the AMD FX processors and we noticed that the FPS issues were affecting everyone else. This was hotfixed meanwhile and it shouldn't happen anymore. If the issue still occurs try to update your BIOS first. If it’s still happening after that, reach out to us through a [Support ticket]( with the logs from the [Hextech Repair Tool]( Have a good day!
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