Forum bug with level

so this account is lvl 22 at the moment, but when i go on here, it says lvl5.....k... when i press view match history it shows all my latest games so it obviously up to date but it still says lvl 5, which means i cant comment or post anything on forum becuase its lvl 7 or lvl 10 and higher on some forums and im stuck at lvl 5 even tho im lvl 22 already.... rito plox :( also to add i tried logging into friends account and look at my profile, says 22 from outside but from inside it says lvl 5 and i cant post stuff UPDATE: yea i noticed like 10 min later it was ok, then again lvl 5, then again ok. It just takes a minute for the website to link to account i guess its fine now :)
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